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For the Anne-Sophie store I was asked to pick out a Spring outfit of my choice. Anne-Sophie is famous for its beautiful evening dresses. But beside that they also have a more casual collection. This Spring I am really into the bohemian chic style. I love the warm colors, the prints and the loose-fit silhouettes. Therefor I am lucky that Anne-Sophie has a very colorful everyday collection this moment. Here is what I picked out....


There is something about this time of the year, don't you think? I am not found of the cold weather, but do I love Christmas season! The Christmas tree is decorated, the landscape outside your window is white, people are happy, you start thinking about presents and of course 2017 that keeps getting closer. All of this comes down to a festive period of delicious diners and stunning party outfits.

I have some fun things...


A couple of days ago I wrote an article about the winter collection 2016. What to wear? This is the sequence of 'Sweater weather'. In part one it was all about classy black and white outfits. Part two on the other hand is a more comfy winter look.

I call it 'the Leather look'. To my opinion leather never goes out of fashion. It was already used by the Neanderthals to keep them warm. You can wear leather jackets throughout the e...


I can't keep track of time. Can you? November is almost there, I can already feel the morning chills and my closet is not up to date yet. I feel ashamed. I think it is time for me to share with you some inspirational looks. Last summer it was all about retro chic with a touch of the nineties. Put those oversized bomber jackets and overall dresses in the back of your closet and make some space for the very nonchalant chic black...


I will tell you a secret, my self confidence is not a 100%. Like most girls, there has always been something about myself that I would want otherwise. But lately I have realized that no one is perfect and you should be happy with who you are. And so I am. But still I have the feeling that sometimes I have got 'the babyface syndrome'. Definitely when I go for a ride on my Vespa. I can really enjoy that. But I am not 16 and so a...


There is just something about fall that makes me sad. It is the transition period between summer and winter. The weather gets colder, more windy and of course more rainy. When you live in Belgium like me it is most common that the weather is not very well. But how to get over that annoying feeling of the transition?

I say by adjusting your closet and to go shopping for new collections. That is indeed one of the reason why I lov...

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