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The Long Bob


The ‘Long bob’ or ‘Lob’ is the haircut of the moment. It is a just another term to state a longer version of the famous Bob. Want to be a shorty? Try out this fancy 1920s cut like I did.

I have had long hair for a very long time. People always complimented me on my long golden locks. I loved to wear it loose or in messy hairdo. But there is always a downside to it. Long hair weighs heavily. Therefor I lost a lot of volume on my head and I had to do lots of effort to maintain it. Beside of that it also made me look younger.

I was suggested to cut my hair to see how it looks. It is always nice to see a makeover right? But it was not a bad idea because I had to many layers in my long hair so by cutting it, it can grow equally again. Nevertheless I was a bit anxious that short hair wouldn’t suit me. So after some research I decided to go for a Long bob. My hairdresser cut more than 15 cm’s. Honestly? I couldn’t’ be happier now. My Long bob is so easy to style and so light to wear. I have had many compliments and I feel like a modern young lady ready to take over the world! … Okay I am a bit overreacting but you get the point.

I really suggest you try out this haircut if you love your long hair but also want to try out something new and fresh. The Long bob is not that short, it is cut around the face to the collarbone which means it is a haircut that will suit almost every one of you! And if you think it is not original anymore, you are wrong. There are many ways to style a Long bob (waves, curls, sleek,…).

Do you dare?




Pink sweater and skirt: Bershka




Bolia.com (Gent)




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