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Travel review: Taormina, Sicily


The summer has come to an end. To finish it, I am going to look back on my last trip to Sicily. It was a week filled with Italian food, culture and romance. To be more specific, we (my boyfriend and I) went to Taormina, a cute historical town on a mountain. Here is why you should visit this small yet beautiful place.

To start from the beginning, I thought it would only take us about half a day to get from Brussels to Taormina but no. We had to take two flights to get there. One from Brussels to Rome and one from Rome to Catania. Then we took a bus and a taxi to make it to the hotel. We traveled about 12 hours to get there. Nevertheless, it was totally worth it! Tip: when you arrive at your hotel late in the evening after a long travel, just take a bath and go out to eat a delicious Italian pizza, you will feel better in NO TIME!

The historical town of Taormina is up the hills while the beach is down the hills. Our hotel was located at the beach, a 5 minute walk away from Isola Bella. Speaking of, Isola Bella is a beautiful tiny Island with a house built on it, connected to the main land. Definitely worth a visit. We thought by going to Taormina in September, it would be way calmer than in July and August but unfortunately, that wasn't true. Hence, the beach and the entrance to Isola Bella was filled with loads of tourists. But I guess 'that's life'. We did have some luck however, because during our visit to the Island, it was not that busy. So ... lucky us!

Of course the beach is only a small part of Taormina. When you visit Isola Bella, I recommend to enjoy a day at the beach and take a typical touristic boat trip to visit Grotta Azzura, so you can see the astonishing blue water inside the cave.

The most beautiful and historical things to see are located up on the hills, so we had to take the cable car to get there. We took that cable car three days during the one week we stayed in Taormina. Sometimes even twice a day, because I couldn't get enough of the atmosphere in the city centre. Up and down we went, even if it was just to have a good pasta for lunch.

When you are in the city centre, there are a few things you must see. First of all, take a long walk down Corso Umberto, the shopping street. And I don't necessarily mean so that you can shop, but more to window shop while you enjoy the shadow in the muggy heat. Also notice the tiny streets between the houses, they are filled with art! 

Besides that, you should visit the public garden and the Greek theatre at sunset. At that time, the view is breathtaking and in the Greek theatre the buildings are lit with lights.

Last but not least, food is very important to us! Every evening was a blessing. There are two restaurants I really want to recommend. The first is down the hills with a view on Isola Bella and the ocean. It is called Il Gabbiano. The staff is very kind and the food is to die for. Tip: Try the sea food risotto! 

The other restaurant is up the hills, so you better call a taxi. But once you are there, you are totally amazed by the view! It is called Al Saraceno. The food is also very good. A piece of advice, if you order a dish that comes with a sidedish, do NOT ask for french fries! 

 Enjoy your stay in Taormina!


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