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Travel review: Glasgow


Sometimes there are these moments in life where things just fall into place. My trip to Glasgow was one of them. For my final project as a journalism student I had to go to a foreign country. My fellow students and I decided 'Glasgow it is'. Scotland is said to be a beautiful country and I had to find out for myself. The fact that I wrote this Travel review, confirms it is indeed worth a visit. 

For once, not the Italian way of life but the Scottish. Glasgow, where to begin. It is a great city full of life and beautiful rough architecture. There is something to do for everyone. The people are so kind and hospitable that you might even make some Scottish friends. Everything is easily reached on foot. But for those with heels, a taxi is at your door in less than five minutes. 

I stayed at an Air bnb right on the corner of Pitt Street and Sauchiehall Street. It was a modern appartment, clean and the host Cameron was, as all Scottish people, very kind and helpfull. But for those who prefer a hotel, in the same area there was one nice hotel called the 'Dakota Deluxe Hotel'. Check it out and let me know how it was! Now I am going to focus a bit more on the places you must see!

First of all the biggest Shopping Street, Buchanan Street. A beautiful street with many stores from Urban Outfitters to Christian Dior. The atmosphere is so alive, even on a weekday. Enjoy the architecture and live street musicians whilest shopping. 

When you move further into the city you will reach George Square. The largest but also most pleasant square where you can go for a picnic. The square is nicely taken care of with flowers and benches but also the pigeons are present. And when you are there, take the time to visit the building of the City Council. We had to be there for an interview and got a nice tour afterwards. It looks like a palace on the inside.

The next thing you must certainly do beside shopping and walking through the city, is take a taxi to the water at Pacific Quay. It is the place where BBC Scotland is established. My fellow students and I had to go to BBC for an interview but afterwards we went to visit the University of Glasgow and the picturesque Ashton Lane on foot. It is a half hour walk but when you start at Pacific Quay, it is worth the walk. The University of Glasgow is an ancient university founded in 1451. To be honest, it feels like you are visiting Hogwarts. 

If you wonder how the food is, there is a wide range of restaurants and where I went, it was very good. My three favorites are the Italian restaurant 'Cafe Antipasti' on Sauchiehall Street, the burger restaurant 'Bread Meats Bread' on St Vincent Street and the Greek restaurant 'Mezzidakia' also on St Vincent Street. 

I hope this was enough to let you book a plane ticket to Glasgow right now! Have fun! 


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