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Orange is the new black


For the Anne-Sophie store I was asked to pick out a Spring outfit of my choice. Anne-Sophie is famous for its beautiful evening dresses. But beside that they also have a more casual collection. This Spring I am really into the bohemian chic style. I love the warm colors, the prints and the loose-fit silhouettes. Therefor I am lucky that Anne-Sophie has a very colorful everyday collection this moment. Here is what I picked out.

I love the Boho chic look because it looks very feminine and cheerful thanks to the lovely colours and flower print. When I wear the Boho look, I feel like I am on a tropical vacation. Now with this Spring outfit I hope to inspire you to wear more Bohemian this time of the year. This look contains a lot of orange. Why? Because orange screams Spring and Summer. A happy colour that a couple of months ago I would have never worn. But I caved. I used to wear a lot of dark colours and mostly black but lately I have learned to appreciate more colour. 


Outfit: Anne-Sophie

Pumps: Zara


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