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Spring is in the house


We can all feel it, spring is in the house. The first sunshine and finally the first days we don't have to walk around in layers of three different sweaters and a coat. But getting dressed during the spring months isn't always easy. You still can't trust the weather. But what to wear? 

During the first spring days I wore pretty casual outfits. It is not that warm yet outside so for now I am still leaving my floral dresses in the closet. One of the oufits I wore these past few spring days, is this black outfit combined with a denim jacket from Subdued, a pair of cool sneakers and a pair of tiny black sunglasses. 

There is a trend going on and I think you might already have heard of it before. It is called ‘the ugly sneaker’ trend. The ugliest of all sneakers is probably the Balenciaga Triple S trainers. But why call them ugly if you want to wear them? The thing is, I kind of fell in love with this pair of sneakers. They are unique in a way, very 90's and a real eyecatcher. Unfortunately Balenciaga is an Haute Couture brand (which I love so much) that has an expensive price tag. But ‘Happy me’ because Jessica Buurman is selling a pair of lookalike sneakers that are just as amazing. I love the detail in front. You can see what size I have and they are so comfortable. I jumped into spring with these sneakers and still have no regrets. 





Denim jacket: Subdued

Sneakers: Jessica Buurman

Backpack: Zara



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