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Street Style X O'Rèn


If I have to put a name on my favourite look of all time, I call it 'Casual Street Style'. Basically everyone that inspires you on the streets or on social media, is dressed in 'Street Style'. But I love those uncaring fashionable looks that seem so effortless. Everybody we meet has an influence on us. The Belgian brand O'rèn and the first Belgian blogger Emma Gelaude noticed that idea and therefore created an 'Influencer' collection. 


First things first, I am a big fan of the brand O'rèn because it is a 100% Belgian and they sell affordable quality. The idea behind the 'Influencer' collection caught my attention. The sweaters also have a nice oversized shape. With no reason to doubt, I bought a grey 'Influencer' sweater and I still have no regrets. The sweater is so easy to create a nice 'Street Style' look with. I wore it with a mini denim skirt, my white Nike AIR Force 1 sneakers and a black leather cap. The bag is from Belmodo because I am now an intern there until the end of April which is kind of cool to share with you guys.



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