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Casual statement piece: The Aviator Jacket


The classic Aviator-style shearling jacket has become extremely popular lately. You might have noticed a lot of girls wearing the typical fake black leather aviator jacket from Zara when you scroll down your Instagram or Pinterest account. Even though it is not that unique anymore, it still remains a cool piece to add to your closet. You can find a black oversized aviator jacket almost in every store that sells prêt-à-porter. The 1930's aviator-style jacket has made its comeback on the runways in 2016 and is still very à la mode this winter. 

I have waited a while to buy this trendy piece. I wanted to find the perfect one and so I did. My black aviator-style shearing jacket is from 'Clouds of Fashion'. The fabric is very light, comfortable to wear and yet resistant to the cold weather. When I have a casual day ahead of me, but still want to be prepared for unexpected activities, I just grab this jacket, a nice pair of jeans and a cool sweater. Therefore, I am well dressed for a normal school or work day and I am still able to suddenly go and have a drink.


Yellow is usually not easy to wear and combine but I have a weakness for that colour so I really wanted to invest in one. I bought this yellow sweater at the store 'Men at Work' and it is from the brand 'Airdate'. The jeans I am wearing is pretty basic. It is a skinny side-striped jeans from Zara. I love these because they are stretch and with a high waist, so you can easily put your sweater in your pants. 


Last but not least I decided to finish the outfit by wearing my black velvet knee high boots from 'Public Desire'. They lengthen my legs and make the outfit a bit more elegant. 










Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Clutch: Moschino

Earrings: The Shop


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