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Skin treatment: sensitive combination skin


If there is one thing I could wish to change in 2018, it is my skin type. Unfortunately, this is hereditary and I have to learn to deal with it. I suffer from what is called, a combination skin. That means I have two different skins on one tiny face. My T-zone, which contains my nose, forehead and chin, is very oily. While my cheeks and the other areas around it, suffer from dryness. Beside of that, my skin is also very sensitive. This skin type is actually very common so I can imagine there are some of you who can relate to what I am saying here. The problem is that it is not easy to maintain. There are so many different treatments to find on the world wide web and yet so little that sincerely work. After trying many products, I managed to find one product that does miracles. Combined with a simple treatment, it keeps my skin soft, smooth and less oily in my T-zone.


The first step of my easy life saving treatment is called 'Clean your face'. Avoid lots of products and soap because they are the reason your cheeks dry out even more. Go for lukewarm water because too hot water provokes strong irritations. Use the scrub only once every two weeks because it scrapes the upper protective layer which is good for the T-zone but bad for your cheeks that contain drier skin. Also do it in the evening so that you do not use any other products afterwards. I use the Nuxe facial scrub with rose petals

The second step is a little harder. Use a mask after scrubbing. You might think 'what is she saying, applying a mask to your face is easy'. I mean the part where you find the right mask is hard. I have tried many different masks. The one that does help is the Clay Mask of Lava from Dr. Van Der Hoog. My skin feels firm and soft again after using this mask because of the volcanic clay, argan oil, shea butter and liquorice root. It purifies, hydrates, removes the excess oil and it also has a nourishing effect. The key ingredient of this mask is Glycerol, which is used as a moisturizer. Therefor your skin feels softer and more hydrated. After using this mask I noticed I also have less redness and roughness.



After cleaning your face and using a mask, it is time to make sure that the soft and hydrated skin remains. It is for this step, I have found a new product. It completes my skin treatment and it is the reason why I wanted to share all these steps with you. Hold on tight because it is the simplest yet best solution ever for my combination-skin syndrome. The baby moisturizer from the British brand 'Childs Farm' is a miracle. My skin has never been softer and healthier because of the shea and cocoa butter in this product. The best part is that you can buy it for about five euros. I use this twice evey day and I do not only apply it on my face, but over my entire body. 





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