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Sporty Chic


To be well dressed for the day but still feel comfortable? It is a phenomenon that became possible these days. The Fashion Industry claimed that dressing up stylishly is in contrast with dressing up comfortably. That changed. I am a big fan of the sporty chic look. It is so easy to combine, so pleasant to wear and it is considered a fashion-conscious look on the streets. You can wear your sweatpants or leggings with a simple t-shirt and a pair of sneakers without any embarrassment. 

The benefit of going for the Sporty chic look is that you don't necessarily have to go shopping. Just open your closet and take out your most comfortable and simple pieces. In my case, I just took an old black legging and a cropped top from Zara. This entire outfit has hardly cost me anything. I just finished the outfit by making it a bit more chic. I decided to wear a blazer on it and my white vintage looking Reebok sneakers. Besides that, I went all the way by adding an Adidas cap on top.  






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