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Throwback: Friends and pumpkins by @Photobyfox


Last month, I had the most busiest month of this semester. It was a crazy time for me as a journalist in the making. I had a bunch of schoolwork, articles to write and videos to assemble. This is all great since I love a busy schedule. But to be honest, sometimes I miss the careless moments where I can just be myself or hang out with my lovely friends. Scheduling such moments is vital.  So now and then I make a habit out of it to plan these careless days where it is all about having fun. In November I had a blast thanks to my lovely friends and the photographer Annelies De Vos aka Photobyfox to capture the moments. Check it out!

My friends and I decided to spend a day hanging around in Ghent. Photographer Annelies came along to capture some nice moments on camera. It was certainly a unique day. Ghent looked so cosy thanks to the beautiful warm fall colours. Furthermore, it was very calm in the city, which made it al so much more magical. We walked in the medieval center next to the water where we came across a small park. The park was decorated with pumpkins. It immediately put a smile on our faces. 



The red sweater that I am wearing in the photos is from Andotherstories. It was not the hottest November day but still I had warm enough with only this sweater and a scarf. Anyway I thought it was a bargain. When I saw it hanging in the store, it was the intense red colour that immediately caught my attention. I touched the sweater and someway somehow I already heard Christmas bells in my head.





Location: Ghent city

Photographer: Annelies De Vos - Photobyfox


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