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Autumn vibes


We came to the point where the world turns into golden colours. The leaves become orange and dark green, giving that golden spectacle when you look at it from a distance. It is the season of fog and dimming light in the sky. Therefore it was my mission to find the perfect Autumn outfit.

To appreciate the beauty of nature I decided to wear a dark olive green sweater from America Today. Even though I love to wear more colours lately, I stuck with green and green alone for this outfit. Sometimes I have my nostalgic moments to my entire black outfits. But I think the combination of black and olive green, is a succes for in Autumn.

Now let me talk about this epic coat? It is a basic black coat from Zara but oh do I love it! The entire lining is softened with faux fur and on the outside there is the daim look. The sleeves and pockets are beautifully finished in detail with the faux fur. To finish my Autumn look, I used a little bit of my 90's magic. I took out my fishnet stockings and decided to wear them with a black jeans skirt. I have got to be honest, I just can't get enough of denim. I am so happy the jeans skirt made its comeback. 

Last but not least, the ankleboots. How can I forget about them? Ankle boots are a necessary thing in Autumn and Winter. They are not just practical thanks to the thick soles they've got but it fits with everything and makes you look elegant as well. I don't see any contra's against ankleboots so just get yourself a pair and start assembling your outfits.

Clutch: Moschino

Watch: Daniel Wellington


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