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Those Sunday mornings...


Who does not love a nice and cosy Sunday morning in the fall, when it is cold and rainy outside and the leaves are falling of the trees? I am born in fall so I guess that feeling is a part of me. It is just great waking up at 10 o'clock, starting the day with a warm cappuccino knowing you'll be wearing pajamas all day. I don't know, there is just something about pajamas that gets me all happy. 

Pajamas are a real trend lately. You must think I am nuts saying this. But I do not mean that nobody used to wear pajamas until now, but more in a way that wearing nice pajamas in different fabrics or with different patterns is now trendy. Pajamas became a visible thing in 2017. Some even wear a pajama shirt to school or work combined with a skinny jeans. I just don't think I am ready to cross that boundary yet. But that doesn't mean I don't love pajamas!


To start the fall season correctly, I needed to buy a nice pajama set. But I have always wanted silk pajamas, it is on my bucket list. To be honest, 100% silk can turn out to be a little expensive. So in the mean time I searched for another pair of cute pajamas. Then about a week ago, I saw this cute red one with stripes in America Today. I tried them on and the fall feelings, even the winter Christmas feelings, flowed right through me. I could see myself wearing these pajamas at home whilest drinking that warm cappuccino with a lot of foam. And maybe, just maybe, I could wear them on my skinny jeans if I overslept and don't have any time to change. I don't know, we'll see about that, shall we? (story to be continued...)

This pajama set has the silk look and contains shorts and a loose shirt with long sleeves and cute buttons. These buttons come back on the shorts which is a nice detail. The whole set just looks luxurious unlike a cotton pajama. But what is so amazing about this is that it is affordable compared to most real silk pajamas. But, beautiful 100% silk pajamas are still on the bucket list. 







Beside cute pajamas on sunday, I also need a little 'Sunday morning routine'. It is very basic actually. No need for much makeup, just a good hydration will do. There are three main products I use in that routine. After I washed my face, I hydrate with a VinoSource sorbet cream from Caudalie. It is a gel cream and 98% of the ingredients are of natural origin. I have been using this cream two times a day for a couple of weeks now, and my skin is well hydrated and my red spots are visibly diminished. I love this cream because of the sorbet texture and it just smells so good.


After hydrating I cover my face with the 'POREfessional foundation' from Benefit. It is a good foundation to wear on sunday because it looks very natural but it has a very light coverage. You only need to use two drops of it for your entire face. I also can't really compare it to an actual foundation. If I go out on weekdays I use it to cover my redness but I still need to mix it with a normal foundation because else it is not enough. I definitely recommend using a setting spray after applying the POREfessional foundation because after a few hours it is already faded. 


Last but not least, I start the day not only by hydrating my face but also hydrating my lips with the best balm I have ever used namely 'the Rêve de Miel' from Nuxe.




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