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Outfit at ease: Supermarket edition


Everyone has to go grocery shopping but therefor not everyone likes it. On the contrary, I love it. Every saturday it is 'grocery time' and it relaxes me just like I love to clean. You might think I am a crazy lady that loves to clean and go to the supermarket but I compare it to shopping and rearranging my closet. Same thing, same love, same passion. Who wants a messy closet? It is the same question as who wants a messy interior design?

Going grocery shopping can be compared to sports. Certainly if you go from supermarket to supermarket running with full shopping carts down the aisles. My best friends on a saturday are my lovely classic Reebok sneakers. I win every race to the cash register and I get a giant smile from the cashier as first price. Because of the nice weather we suddenly have in October, I got these playful vibes. I was totally in the mood for two childish ponytails. Of course with that belongs a good old cola Chupa Chup lollipop. 





Shoot: Lidl Belgium

Sweater: Zara

Sunglasses: Massimo Dutti

Sneakers: Reebok


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