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The colour of love: Brandy Melville


You might not always see it on a photograph but I am actually not a very tall girl. Therefor I have a giant love for Brandy Melville. It is an Italian clothing brand with an Americain vintage touch. What is so great about it, is that the brand does not sell sizes. Everything that hangs in that pretty interior is one size. That is also very dangerous for people like me who are addicted to shopping. Everytime I visit Brandy Melville, I have got at least 20 pieces to fit. 

A little bit more about this Brandy Melville outfit. Lately I got into more colours. I used to wear a lot of dark colours, mostly black but I became a big fan of bright colours like red or blue. Then I saw this pretty red blouse hanging in the Brandy Melville store in Milan and I thought it would be perfect for holidays. The blouse is made of cotton so it is nice to wear in hot tempertures because it holds your sweat. This pair of shorts is also from Brandy Melville. I love the fact that it is a high waist fit and it matches the red cropped top. Vertical stripes are the best because they make me look skinnier. I must say that this outfit was perfect for in Italy. It looks a bit tropical and fits the beautiful palm trees background. 






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