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Sweet Peach


I noticed that it has been a while since I talked about beauty products. Perfect timing because I have recently been to Lille, France. I am not going to lie but I probably spend two hours in the Sephora store. I think it is a pity that there is no Sephora store in Belgium, therefor I don't mind crossing the border for it. Now like every girl I love products and makeup, certainly when these products look all pretty. One of my top makeup brands is Too Faced. Let's be honest, the brand is equal to cuteness.  

Now I have been longing to buy the Sweet Peach palette for a while now and so I did. I saw the palette at Sephora and it was love at first sight. The palette consists out of 18 peach inspired colours. Oh no the fun does not end there, when you open the beautiful tin box you immediately smell peaches. Too Faced created this fruit inspired palette after the Chocolate bar palettes were a huge succes.  

A little bit about the colours now. Like I said before, there are 18 colours in the palette. Each colour has its own name which is kind of cute. The colours are mostly warm and would suit everybody. The palette gives the opportunity to create different looks for different occasions. You can create everyday brown looks or a cute peach look. And even though most of the colours are warm, there are also a couple of dark colours inside to create a nice smokey eye for example. The balance between matte and shimmery colours is certainly present. So with a mix of the good quality, the yummy smell and the beautiful appearance of this palette, I am definitely a fan! 

The colours have a nice pigmentation. Here are my top 6 colours to create an everyday peach look. 

1. Peaches 'N cream

2. Luscious

3. Candied Peach

4. Bellini

5. Peach Pit

6. Charmed, I'm sure



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