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Travel guide: Montecatini Terme


One of the Italian towns I have visited this summer is called Montecatini Terme. It is located in Tuscany and is most famous for its thermal spa's. When you are in a desperate need of culture and relaxation, Montecatini is the place to be. Let me help you out a little bit to find your way there. Here is another Italian Travel guide.

Montecatini Terme is a nice town where you can visit different terraces and enjoy shopping. But it is more suitable as a drop-out base to see the rest of Tuscany. The town itself is very Tuscan with all its palmtrees and beautifully maintained streets and buildings but it is not that big. So I think the shopaholics out there won't settle for this. I suggest you read further so you can visit more towns in Tuscany and therefor more stores. The square of Montecatini is recognized by the church 'Parish Of Santa Maria Assunta' and the fountain in the middle. 


The hotel I stayed at is a five stars hotel and is called The Grand Hotel & La Pace. It is next to the main square and eveything can be reached by foot. The first impression when you enter it is a large hotel with a majestic appearance. It is afterall a building of around a 150 years old. Breakfast took place in a courtyard every morning and was continental. The room was nicely renovated and very spacious. I felt a bit like a princess and fun fact: there have been many celebrities a guest here in this hotel like Princess Grace of Monaco or Audrey Hepburn. It was also used very often as a movie set back in the days. If you come to Montecatini, you might also want to relax at a spa. The Hotel has its own spa inside to plan a full relaxation day and to catch some sun at the swimming pool afterwards.





In the evening I prefer eating outside the hotel. There are some very nice places to eat if you look well because the most obvious restaurants on the square are very touristic and unpleasant. The best reastaurants in Montecatini Terme are La Cascina, La Pecora Nera and Ristorante Da Lorenzo. They are all three very luxurious, with nice food, a good service and a beautiful environment to eat. And at the same time they are all three slightly different from each other. When you are at La Cascina, it feels like your in a different world outside Montecatini. It is very tropical and modern. La Pecora Nera is the restaurant of a four stars hotel across the street of the Grand Hotel & La Pace. You would not expect a great restaurant on the outside but trust me when I say it is totally worth a visit. At Ristorente Da Lorenzo the service is amazing. The people are very kind and the fish you eat there is fresh and a real taste bomb.



Montecatini Terme is a drop-out base for many more cities in Tuscany. If you are staying there, you can visit Florence, Lucca, Pistoia and Montecatini Alto. If I have to pick, definitely visit Montecatini Alto and Pistoia. Pistoia is culture city of 2017 and is a cosy shopping town that looks a bit like Florence but tinier. Montecatini Alto is the old town of Montecatini on the mountain. You can reach it by a cute cable car namely the 'Funicolare'. The old town of Montecatini on the mountain is not that big but worth a visit. It is so beautiful and the view is amazing. There is also a small but cosy square to have a bite or a drink. 
















Boots: Primmadonna

Bag: La Carrie


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