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Travel Diary: Milan part 3


In this final part of my Travel Diary to Milan I would love to tell you about the beautiful Castello Sforzesco and Parco Sempione. The last day in Milan was a day full of shopping, good food and zen moments in the parc. 

The Castello Sforzesco contains art galleries, museums and libraries but is also a beautiful monument to walk through. Before entering the castle doors there is a beautiful large fountain. When you reach the courtyard you will encounter many cats, always fun when you are an animal lover like I am. Every day there are some local people giving them food. As you cross the castle you will find the largest city garden in Milan namely the Parco Sempione or the green lung of Milan. This is totally worth a visit! I didn't expect to find this area of green in the city of fashion. There are so many different trees and flowers plus it is all so well maintained. When you get the chance, have a picnic in the parc.





The outfit I chose to wear the last day contains one of my new favourite jackets. It is a navy rain jacket from Brandy Melville but it looks like a vintage nineties jacket which is why I love it so. The cool nostalgic outfits of the nineties are coming back. From crop tops and high waisted jeans to basic black slip dresses, I am totally in my vintage mood. And so I have noticed in my recent bargains like this jacket for example. To top of my outfit on this rainy day, I combined it with a basic Zara crop top and my new Reebok sneakers. I promised in part two to tell you more about them. A white sneaker is essential in your closet, certainly in the summer. I have been fan for a long time of the Nike Air Force one but I needed a change. The comeback of retro sneakers in the fashion industry really spoke to me. Combining these two trends would be the perfect fit for me. So I came across some sneakers that contained the whole package namely the Classic Leather Reeboks. So far the most comfortable and trendy pair of sneakers that I have ever bought. 



Floral dresses and shiny metallic shoes, what more loves a nineties kid? I felt inspired by that typical nineties look. Before heading back home it was lovely weather in Milan. Perfect for a dress! I chose to wear a black satin floral dress from Tally Weijl with a black Parisian hat and metallic espadrilles in rosé from Alcott. Metallic shoes have become a very popular street style trend this summer. As a Belgian girl I don't often wear sandals because the weather doesn't always alwow it but I picked up this trend in Milan and now I can't stop wearing them even when it rains. It is obvious that Milan is always a good idea to pick up some new trends and outfit inspiration.






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