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Travel Diary: Milan part 2


If you have read part one of my Milan Travel Diary, I wrote that I will tell you more about the beautiful things I have visited. There is so much to do in Milan. You can visit beautiful buildings or parcs that take your breath away. But even shopping itself is part of the cultural experience in Milan. 

The Duomo is so recognizable that it turned out to be the symbol of Milan. Like I wrote before, Milan is so much more than just fashion. This Gothic cathedral is located in the heart of Milan on the Piazza del Duomo beside the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. By taking 158 stairs to the roof you get to behold an amazing panoramic view over Milan. It is crazy how people created this beautiful piece of architecture five centuries ago and how well it is maintained. 


The view of the Duomo from the square downstairs is already breathtaking but it is worth the climb to see not only that view but also the details of the Gothic architecture. There are so many different sculptures. The feeling you get on that roof is indescribable.




Like I said, the shopping experience in Milan is a culture. You don't necessarily have to buy the most expensive things but at least visit the beautiful covered passage called the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. It is built by the architect Giuseppe Mengoni in 1877 and can be found right next to the Duomo. People sometimes call it the “Salon of Milan” because it contains luxury shops and cosy traditional restaurants. So if you are in the mood, you should at least drink the famous Italian Aperol Spritz of 12 euros at the Galleria. When you look up, you can worship the beautiful glass roof. Next to the Galleria there is a gigantic shopping mall that you really need to visit. It is called 'La Rinascente'. Going all the way up to the rood of that mall, there is a rooftop bar with a view on the duomo. So if you prefer cocktails with a panoramic view, there is the place to be. 

Now let's talk about what I wore that day. I planned on visiting these dreamy historical buildings in tropical temperatures. That is why I wore a white blouse with ruffle sleeves from Bershka. Many layers of ruffles have become a big trend for this summer. I love this trend and therefor also this blouse because it looks very romantic. I felt inspired by it so I visited the romantic buildings from Milan wearing that particular blouse. Now I didn't want to combine it with simple jeans, that is why I chose a pair of grey tailored shorts. Normally when saying the word shorts you think about sunny holidays and casual outfits. But add the word tailored to it and you get a whole new definition of the word 'shorts'. I just love tailored shorts on sunny days because it gives that classy touch to my outfits. Because I wore a loose blouse and sneakers, I didn't want to look sloppy. Adding a touch of tailored makes it all less loose. The sneakers I wore are the new white leather Reeboks, but more about them in part three . (just to keep you in tention) The little handbag is from Zara. There is only one simple reason why I bought this cute little bag... PINEAPPLES!





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