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Travel Diary: Milan part 1


If there is one place you really want to go, what would you choose? My answer was quite simple, Milan. I have been going to Italy since I was a little girl. Every year I see the most beautiful places in Italy. But Milan is a city that I had not been before and I felt truly ashamed. To celebrate the end of my finals I thought it would be nice to treat myself with a small shopping trip to the Italian heart of fashion.


Milan is a beautiful city full of culture besides the designer stores. The architecture is overwhelming and there is so much to visit. My journey in Milan started at the central train station which is an amazing building. It was the first moment where I got amazed by its enormous buildings full of history. Milan is also an important business city, which means you will see many beautiful businessmen in suit walking down the streets.

After settling in the hotel on Piazza Lima, I started walking towards the historical centre. Like Paris, Milan is divided into districts. You can enter each district through a gate. The first gate I ran into whilest walking was Porta Venezia (read part 3). From thereon I went towards the Quadrilatero della moda, the most important fashion district. It is a high-class shopping area in the centre of Milan containing all the Haut Couture boutiques and retail outlets. The streets are calm, pleasant and beautifully landscaped with trees. Occasionally you will find a cosy courtyard between the houses. 






The historical centre of Milan is full of charme mainly because of these old vintage trams that remind me a bit of San Francisco. The tramway network is very important in Milan. It has been operating since 1881 and is far more important than the two subway lines crossing under the city. Beside these trams, other eyecatchers in the centre are of course the Duomo, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, La Rinascente, Milan's Sforza Castle and Parco Sempione. (read part 2 for more)

The outfit that I wore the first day in Milan was quite basic and comfy because I had to travel with it. The easiest solution was jeans and a sweater but I thought it was to mainstream for Milan. Yet a travel outfit should get you through security easily and should be a gift for your feet. Comfortable shoes are a must! I started with jeans, a nice blouse, black Zara sandals and a big Moschino bag where I could put all my useless girly things in. Afterwards to visit, I switched to Zara jeans shorts and Nike sneakers for walking. 

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