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'90s b*tch!


'Mom jeans', just another funny term invented for a type of jeans. You all might have heard of this new trend. It would be old news if I told you that a skinny jeans is not that cool anymore these days. All trousers and jeans should be a bit baggy. I really like this trend. Basically us women are allowed to look sloppy and yet trendy. Ok, maybe the term sloppy is a bit overrated. I invested in some beautiful new trousers and jeans such as a couple of palazzo pants and some loose jeans like the bootcut and of course the mom jeans. 


The mom jeans has made its debute in the eighties and was worn all the time by women until the early 2000s. Back in the day it was very popular but not in the same way as it is now. It was worn a lot but that doesn't mean they were 'hot stuff'. The mom jeans was rated as a loose highwaisted jeans making your butt look flatter. And yet, today that flat ass is wildly popular and trendy. 


A mom jeans is much more linked to the nineties than the eighties. The eighties style came back last season on the runways but the ninetiens are catching up. A mom jeans can give you that typical sloppy nineties look. I remember looking at the movie 'He's just not that into you' and saying how funny everybody was dressed. Never expected that the white mom jeans from Bianca Stratford would become the new trendy item of 2017.


Here is how I combined my new mom jeans from zara. The look takes you all the way back thanks to the combination of the jeans with a simple Levi's tee and some white baskets. 







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