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Long lasting lipstick


You have a long day ahead of you. Going to work or school, having a lunch break, drinks afterwards and maybe a night out? Well would it not be fantastic to wear a lipstick that stays throughout the day? Some people have asked me tips to make their lipstick last longer. Therefor I will write them down so you can all treasure these tips and tricks forever. 



Before I put on my lipstick, lip scrub is my best friend. I use it a lot as prevention of getting chapped lips and to keep them soft. Definitely in winter the scrub is needed. I use the one from Lush or sometimes I make it myself by adding some sugar to my vaseline. After scrubbing, a thin layer of lip balm is handy to make your lips smooth. Then I apply my lip liner like I would apply lipstick. Lip liner is more long lasting than lipstick because it has a dry texture. If the lipstick fades, the colour of the lip liner stays visable. This is certainly recommended with dark colours. When using more neutral lip colours, a lip liner is not always necessary. 


After the lip liner I colour my lips with lipstick. I usually apply two layers for an intense colour. Then I wait a minute. Meanwhile I search for an eyeshadow of the same colour as my lipstick or a more transparent eyeshadow. I cap the eyeshadow very carefully on my lips. This is the final layer. The powder mixes with the lipstick changing the texture a bit more dry. That way it will last longer. 


Now it is up to you to try it out for Christmas.


Merry Christmas! 


 picture by Vue.Photo



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