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Simply oversize


What I love the most about winter clothes is the fact that you can drown in them. These warm thick oversized sweaters that make you feel like you are wearing a blanket over the day but yet look fashionable instead?


I like to keep things simple. So now I love to share with you all a very casual nonchalant but very warm look. A pair of skinny jeans matched with an oversized black sweater and an oversized denim jacket over it. This is one of my favorite jackets of the moment. I got it from the men's department at the Zara. Don't ask me why, but I fell in love with it the moment I saw it hanging there. You barely notice a different with women denim jackets so I like to consider it 'ungendered'. It has a warm wool lining. Mix it up with Timberland boots and a simple nonchalant winter look is created.  







Get the look: Denim Jacket


Photographer: Vue.Photo


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