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How to keep your holiday glow?


I just came back from my last summer holiday of 2016. I went to France with the organization ‘Route du Soleil’. It was a journey I will never forget. There was so much to do. You could do all kinds of water sports and beach games. There was a swimming pool that turned into a pool party every day and a square where the daily festival took place. Of course when you are dancing at the pool or playing volleyball at the beach, there is a big chance you tan.


Now that I have gained my last summer colour, I would love to remain that as long as possible. My skin is very dry so most of the time I lose my tan after a month (or two). This is how you can keep your summer glow in 4 steps. 


Step 1: Try not to wear trousers as long as possible. It rubs off the top layer of your skin. So, certainly avoid skinny jeans. If you must wear trousers because the weather is not by your side, then 'Hello joggings'!


Step 2: Enjoy every last ray of sunshine of the season. In your break or on your day off,

go to the park and relax on a bench in the sun for 15 minutes. That way you can still tan an extra layer. 


Step 3: Hydrate!!! This is the most important of all. Keep that jar of body lotion by your side and hydrate your skin 24/24. At least three times a day you have to rub some lotion. Beside lotion you should drink a lot of water. Remember that when you get dry skin, your tan will peel off.


Step 4: Oil is your new best friend. When you take a bath or a shower, take oil along. Dry oil is also very recommended. My favorite is Nuxe oil but there are many other good dry oils to find. Use it in the morning and in the evening 15 minutes before rubbing your lotion.  


Photo: Body Lotion 'The Body Shop'



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