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Describe your style


When you think about it, there are so many styles that can be described. I have always thought myself to be a 'more than one style' person. I know I am 'a lady' that loves to be a bit careless. I don't like to follow the crowd. Let's find out who you are?

1. The Minimalists

Those are the people that like it simple. They not only dress simple but they also like to live simple. When it is basic they feel good about it. The moment things start to get complicated and too much, they will go nuts. You can recognize these people by their flat garments without patterns and colours. 


2. The Vintages

You can recognize these people by their old soul. They have a passion for history and love to visit a nice jumble sale. They wear ancient clothes and accessories. Mostly with light colours like brown or beige. This style is associated with Bohemian.  


3. The Trendwatchers

This group consists of the real shopaholics. They are always up to date with the fashionworld and have a sincere interest in the latest trends. The moment something new is trendy, they shall run as soon as possible to the stores to go and get it. Even if this trend does not suit them, they will not even care. They need to have it and they will have it. You can recognize these people very quickly. If you know the trends yourself, you will see who wears them first. Also these are the kind of people that do not really have a certain style. 


4. The Benchwatchers

More like the exact opposite of the trendwatchers. They could not care less about the fashion industry. They love to stay behind and let the trends pass by. Their warderobe has not changed the passed 10 years and is all about being comfortable. You can recognize them because they wear the same sweater three times a week and you have never seen anything else but that comfy old jeans. 


5. The Ladies

Think about Queen B, very feminine and classy. Most business women are dressed like that. They love the fashion industry but do not have the need to buy every single trend. Only what they like and what suits them. They combine everything in a classy way, they love the colours black and white and of course a nice pair of pumps. 


6. The Casuals

A bit like the benchwatchers they really do not care. But this group is more badass. They like fashion but act pretty nonchalant about it. They are totally not into feminine and classy but love the 'boyfriend' trend for women. Their closet consists of clothes that last a lifetime but can be combined with every new item they buy like a leather jacket, a nice pair of ripped jeans, cool sneakers... 


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