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Patch meets denim


Looking at the past trends of 2016, I must say that it was a moving year full of surprises. I don't like to go along in a trend that I am not fond of. But this year I broke my rule for once. Walking passed the shopping windows in the city, I noticed that there are so many pieces that I love but most of the time they have patches on it. My very first reaction was that I thought it was hideous. But trying on a nice crop flannel shirt in Italy with patches made me realize it was a spontaneous trend to brighten up a casual look. 

My favourite item with patches, is a simple denim jacket. I found one by accident in the Anne-Sophie store and someway somehow I fell in love with it. I am so glad to have this hanging in my closet. It has already saved me twice from a moment that I seriously did not know what to wear. Whether you wear a simple shirt or dress, your outfit will rock thanks to this simple piece of art invented by the world of fashion. 


Here is the thing. You can either buy yourself a fun patched denim jacket in Zara or Forever 21. Or you can also accept the challenge and make your own. Buy a strip of patches you like (Veritas) and make the most beautiful and unique denim jacket on the planet. It can be second hands or a 50 year old vintage jacket. It will be the piece in your closet to be most proud of. If you like, you can always drop me a line and send me a picture of your self-made denim jacket. 






Shop the look:


Jacket: Anne-Sophie store

Body: Zara

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Make up: Kiko Cosmetics 


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