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Hit the road


I will tell you a secret, my self confidence is not a 100%. Like most girls, there has always been something about myself that I would want otherwise. But lately I have realized that no one is perfect and you should be happy with who you are. And so I am. But still I have the feeling that sometimes I have got 'the babyface syndrome'. Definitely when I go for a ride on my Vespa. I can really enjoy that. But I am not 16 and so as usual I find the solution to my problems in fashion. 


When I go for a ride it is proper that I dress like it. The Biker style has really grown on me and I love it more everyday. Because of my love for the 'Biker' look I love to combine my classy chic look with some 'rock' accents like studs, a leather jacket and of course... a good pair of jeans. Don't forget I am still very much 'a lady' so I could never forget my pumps.


This is another outfit from the 'Freak Out' store in Ghent. They have a lovely collection that is very much ladylike and still a bit edgy.  This is a style I feel confident in, 'classy lady mixed with badass biker chick' look. 





Photographer: SarArt Photography

MUA: Sarah Lauwaert


Shop the look at the Freak Out Store in Ghent.


Adres: Nederkouter 122

             9000 Gent


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