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Travel guide: Discover Rapallo


Every year I have the habit of travelling down to Italy for two weeks in August. This year I stayed in Rapallo, Liguria. The Ligurian sea coast is known to be a very cosy and colourful part of Italy . Rapallo is situated between Portofino and Chiavari which are two lovely towns to visit. Chiavari is suited more to do some shopping while Portofino is a bit more for visiting.


Back to Rapallo. The town is not very big. It has a nice centre to shop and to have a drink. The promenade is amazing for a walk because of the panoramic view. For those who love to sport, there is the option to play tennis or golf. Also typical for Rapallo is the castle on the seafront.








Where to eat


During my stay I discovered some yummy restaurants where you can have diner or some bars to have a drink with the locals.


Gli Angeli


This is an 'Haute Cuisine' fish restaurant where you can eat all sorts of dishes made with fresh fish. The service is very nice and the food is to die for. The menu is varied. You have choises between fresh seafood dishes or pastas and risottos. What I definitely recommend is the spaghetti with lemon, the spaghetti vongole and the tuna. 


Adres: Corso Italia 23


O Bansin


This is a basic local cucina. When you want to eat a bit lighter like a simple but yummy pasta, this is the place to be. The atmosphere is very Italian and local. What is positive, is that there are not many tourists but more Italian people. Also the service is good. Here I recommend you to taste the swordfish and the ravioli with a sauce of nuts, typical of Liguria. 


Adres: Via Venezia 105


Rocco E I Suoi Fratelli 

EXCELLENT! Very charming and classy restaurant based next to the boulevard. You feel welcome and the service is warm and nice, so Italian. There is plenty of choice on the menu. The prices are a little bit higher than most restaurants there but it is certainly earned. Every dish is quite big which is nice because you do not go home hungry. The food is amazing and unique. It is also worth the title of 'Haute Cuisine'. There are some nice advantages such as filleting the fish or making the Zabaione at your table. What I definitely recommend is the breaded risottobal stuffed with peas and meat, the spaghetti pesto Genovese, the ravioli with scampi and saffron, the tartare of tuna and the swordfish.


Adres: Via Vico Saline 5


Gallo Nero


The best bar in town I say! This is a bar where the Italian locals love to gather. The service is great and warm, like a good pub should be. It is not to expensive and the drinks are good. When you go to get a drink around 5:30 pm they serve you a yummy little tapas along with it... on the house.


Adres: Via Magenta 4



Where to shop


Ciolly Boutique 


It is a small store but the collection is great. Also not too expensive. I think it is the perfect store to start shopping.

Adres: Via Fratelli Cairoli  26


( A bit further under the Gallery there is the same store for men)


Gate 21


The store from Gate 21 is new in Rapallo. When I visit Gate 21, I normally go to Gravellona Toce. The store is modern and the shoplady is very helpfull. I bought myself a new jeans because Gate 21 is pretty much known for its jeans. Very nice fabric and quality jeans for a fun price. 


Adres: Via Venezia 5


Concept Made


Originally this store started in Milan. It sells quality clothes from less known brands that show creativity. The store itself is very creative because it was a small hallway that is turned into a store. You can find them on Facebook. 

Adres: Via Venezia 107


Where to stay

Coming soon: "Travel Review: Excelsior Palace Hotel Rapallo"



!! Some pictures are not in the best quality. They have been taken with my phone instead of my Camera (Canon Eos 100d) and can be found on my Instagram. !!


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