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Holiday packing guide


I love to travel! As I will be going on holiday in a few weeks, I think it is time I help you a hand with packing. There are two types of people. There are those that love to pack two hours before leaving and then there are the people like me. I'm already working on my packing list for over the past two months! Everytime I buy a blouse I think 'Should I take this along on holiday?'. Whether you leave for a small citytrip or a long two week trip, these tips work for both cases. 


First things first, decide which travel case you'd like to use. I prefere a soft suitcase over a hardcase because it's more like a travel bag that adapts to the contents. I always thought more clothes could fit in. Mine is from the Swiss brand 'Wenger'. 


 All about counting


Now it is time to think about what you would like to take along. Everybody has the habit of packing too much but no need for that. Don't take things you never wear at home. Start by picking out your favorite pieces or outfits. Think about how many days and evenings you have to fill. Now start counting. Make sure you take as much outfits as there are days to fill. But create outfits with different pieces. When two blouses go with one skirt, bingo! You have just created two outfits. That is what I call sticking to a colour palette (with max 4 shades). Why is that handy? Because when you go on holiday there is a 99% chance you will buy new stuff. So you have to leave your house with extra room in your bag. This way you can come back with a full suitcase.  


The colour palette of your suitcase is handy. That way the styling of the accessories and make up is easier. I have a lot of lipsticks for example. But I can't take them all. I pick them out by matching them with the colour palette I have created in my suitcase. On the other hand you don't need that much make up when you travel. A simple BB cream will perfectly replace all the foundations you have. And take one eyeshadow palette that matches with the colours of your outfits. 


No need for that


Some things you should definitely leave at home are towels for example. You can find towels everywhere. At least when you are not going on a safari or camping trip. It takes up your precious space. Also don't take a hairdryer. Let your hair dry in the sun or by itself. You are on vacation, plenty of time. A flat iron is always welcome for the people with curly hair among us. Last but not least, leave the big bottles. Pour some shampoo in a smaller travel kit bottle to save space. You don't need an entire bottle of shampoo right? 


!! Last check up: When you think you have got all the things you need in your bag, leave another part of that behind. We all know you have packed too much than needed. !! 

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