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The 'Gentse Feesten'


The best 10 days of the year for Ghent have begun. Ghent is in its full glory and lives on 10 days of feast during the Gentse Feesten. From the 15th until the 24th of July Ghent is certainly worth a visit.   


If you're a music lover or a party animal, the free concerts on almost every square in the historic centre of Ghent must grab your attention. Lots of groups and artists bring you the classics for free while you can sit back and relax or stand up and dance your shoes off.  There is also the famous Polé Polé on the Graslei. The Dj's bring you more Africain and Reggae music. On the Korenmarkt and Groentemarkt you'll find more rock and pop music while jazz and classical music takes place at St Jacob and the Bijloke.


Ghent is a very cultural city which means you can always grab a nice piece of theater or comedy. But during Ghent Festival there are many pieces to watch in the typical Ghent dialect. Take a look at the website of Ghent Festival to see what shows are being performed at the Minardschouwburg, the Vooruit or the Theater Tinnenpot. 

You know you will do a bargain at the 'Gentse Feesten' with its many stalls there. Sunglasses, accessories, clothes and local products. You'll find it all. The three markets that you should not forget to visit are the craft market, the flower market and the art market.


The musea in Ghent, like STAM, organize treasure hunts and games for the children. Afterwords they can play at Baudelopark while the parents can grab a nice beer of 'Gentse Strop'. 


The mayor Daniël Termont had something to say about the safety at CHURCH, an event where people from all kinds of branches come together for debate: " The grades for general security show that Ghent is the safest capital from Belgium. Nevertheless, we have taken extra security steps for the 'Gentse Feesten'."

 Here are some pictures I took, to take you along in the atmosphere of the 'Gentse Feesten'.  















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