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Fitness: yay or nay?


Fitness became a giant trend along the people. That all to lose weight and to become muscular and fit. But the thing about fitness is that mankind use it very intensive and think it's healthy to lose weight. But is it all that healthy? How can you practice it in a responsible way? I did my research at the Oxygen fitnesscenter and talked with a dietitian. 

Thibaut has been a fitness instructor at Oxygen for over the past two years. He has the knowledge of using fitness in the right way. Many people exaggerate with fitness by coming every day of the week. That may cause injuries because your body is not used to that many exercice. You should only train 2 to 3 times a week and try to persevere that. 

The best way to start fitness is by training on solid fitness equipment starting with a 10 minutes warm up. Repeat your schedule 3 times intermittent by a minute break. A starting schedule shall take an hour a day, which you have to repeat twice a week. Combine this with a healthy diet and your weight will slowly decrease. Please note that you never exaggerate. The best way to do fitness is by listening to your body.


Be careful when you look up fitness schedules on the internet since they usually are not realistic and therefore not healthy. To find a correct schedule you can ask one at your fitness center or find them on the solid fitness equipment.  That way you can start fitness responsibly.


Another myth about fitness is the use of harmful protein shakes. They are not as bad as everybody thinks. Most fitness centers recommend the shakes after a workout. They serve to restore your muscles.


The purpose of fitness is to get fit. You won't lose weight just by fitness. The only way that fitness will work to lose weight is when you combine it with the right diet. Anne-Charlotte is a dietitian who knows a lot when it comes to a healthy diet. 



For breakfast you can eat two slices of brown bread. Toppings like young cheese, jam with little sugar, ham, chicken breast or turkey breast can be used.


Every 2 to 3 hours you have to eat a snack such as a piece of fruit or vegetable, a dry cookie or yogurt.


For lunch you reduce to one slice of brown bread, vegetables, cheese, mozarella, tuna, chicken breast,... Carbohydrates should only be eaten until the afternoon. Try to eat them as little as possible and certainly not in the evening. Then it won't digest anymore. 


As for dinner you leave the carbs behind and stick to meat or fish with a wide assortment of vegetables.


During the day try to drink a liter of water and maximum 3 liters. This diet will help you lose weigth with or without the fitness. But thanks to the fitness you'll get there faster, just in a healthy way. 


All by all I can conclude that fitness is a 'yay'. There are consequences when you misuse it but when you start simple and work up your schedule it's just fine. Combined with a healthy diet, fitness is a good way to lose weight. 


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