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How to clean your white sneakers


Okay it's a fact not only fashion girls are obsessed with white sneakers but it has become a major trend this year. One big problem that goes along with this trendy warderobe item is how to keep those babies white? One day of strolling down the city could result in a number of mud stains. You see them all the time on fashion goddesses or celebrities, the shiny white sneakers. I myself own a nice paire of Nike air Forces. Here's how I keep them white. 


First things first, never ever put them in the washing machine or place them in the full sunlight. The washing machine will not clean your dirty mud stains and it will ruin your shoes. The sunlight will yellow your shoes. So if the washing machine is off limits, how do you clean them?

It's actually pretty simple. Pick a spot and gather your supplies. 

That will be a bucket of warm water, a bottle of dishwashing product (ox gall soap prefered), a roll of paper towels and white shoe polish. To start off you take a piece of paper towel and humidify your sneaker with the warm water from the bucket. Put on some dishwashing product or ox gall soap and rub it in with your paper towel. A toothbrush is also good to rub in the soap. Let it withdraw a minute or two and wash it off with another wet paper towel. When it's dry you take the white shoe polish and rub it well into the dirty spots. 


Normally your shoes will be shiny white again but it's always possible that some stains are persistent. In that case you can do it all over again but use your shampoo instead of the dishwashing soap or ox gall soap. 



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