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10 reasons why you have to visit Ghent


Ghent, a beautiful city located in Belgium. There is so much to do and it's definitely worth a visit. Here are 10 reasons to convince you.


1. The city is alive! There are so many students walking or cycling around. Winter or summer, it doesn’t matter, there is so much to do, so many people are always around. The people from Ghent are very open minded, warm and helpful.


2. Beside the fact that it’s a city, there are some green longs hidden. Parcs, gardens, musea,… When you visit Ghent, there is no way you can leave without having a picnic in the garden of the St. Peter’s Abbey or without taking a morning stroll in Citadel park. The World of Kina is a beautiful green museum.

3. Ghent has some of the best restaurants and places to eat. From Italian to Indian food and of course nice typical Belgian kitchen restaurants where you can eat real Belgian fries. The best place to eat fries is ‘De gouden saté’. So be quick and have a chance to eat the best fries in the whole world. Not to forget the new Restaurant 'Würst' from our national cook Jeroen Meus. The cuberdons from Ghent next to the Langemunt and the cupcakes from Julie's house are also a must to eat.


4. There are many cool hidden spots to hang out. For example when you visit in summer and it’s so hot that you would love to go to the beach, then Ghent has the solution. From June until August you can have a drink while taking a dive on Zebrabeach. It’s an event in the Zebrastreet where you can meet the locals.

5. There is just so much to do. The city organizes a lot of events. In winter you can go to the Christmas market. In October there is the international Film festival and in July the Gentse Feesten and the famous OdeGand event in September. You can also make a Vespatrip and go sightseeing by bike.


6. Ghent is a medieval city so there are a lot of sights to visit. We have Patershol, Prinsenhof, the castles ‘Gravensteen’ and 'Duivelsteen'.

7. Ghent is not too big but very cosy. Having a drink on the Graslei or Korenlei looking over the water and at the beautiful buildings behind the St Michael’s Bridge.

8. Ghent gives you the privilege to admire the Lamb of God or The Ghent Altarpiece from the brothers Van Eyck in the St. Bavo church. You need to visit this piece of art because it’s worlds cultural heritage that everyone need to have seen in his life.


9. For fashion lovers, there is the Veldstreet to go shopping or the Shopping Center ‘Zuid’. Naturally there are more streets to go shopping like the Langemunt, the Brabantdam and the Vlaanderenstreet.


10. When you visit Ghent you need a place to sleep. Some good hotels are Parkhotel, Hotel de Flandre, NH Gent Belfort and for the youth there is a hostel situated at the Graslei ‘Hostel Uppelink’.



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