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Beauty products spring 2016


My new products for this spring are mostly from &otherstories. I have bought them for mothers day but knowing myself, I only buy things that I love using myself: ‘Sharing is caring’.


The three products that I have bought are a body cream, a body scrub and a hand cream, all from the Cotton Care line. What I love is that the creams are very soft and the smell is not to strong. The cotton care line smells like a summer Breeze or a light Fabric Softner. Perfect for this weather! After five minutes the smell is gone which is great because now your perfume’s smell can dominate. Speaking of perfume, I got myself a new fragrance too namely ‘La Petite Robe Noir’ from Guerlain. The bottle on its own is already a reason for buying but then the scent is fantastic! It smells like ‘Parisian chic’ and it’s a mix of Vanilla, cherry, roses, Black tea and some more ingredients.







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