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Vintage Band Tees


Are you a music lover with an old soul and a total fashion maniac? Then you will love 'the band t-shirt' trend just as much as I do! From the Rolling Stones to Blondie, the band tees hype is an excellent occasion for you to put your fashion creativity to test.


How to wear it?


There are so many ways to rock the band tee. Some way some how it gives you that touch of 'badasss rock babe'. But combining it the right way can turn you into a fashion icon. If you keep your eyes open, you will notice that a lot of celebrities wear the look. Check out Lady Gaga, Mary-Kate Olsen, Katy Perry and so many more... 'The band tee' look is all about mix and match.


I love to combine my Guns n Roses tee from Zara with a leather looking skirt and a leather jacket. Finish the look with some black boots and the rock babe that is living inside of me is out in no time.



Yet when I feel iconic, I take out my silver midi skirt. Add some nice heels and now I am ready to crash a celeb party. How easy is that?

But what kind of person would I be if I did not show you a more casual look that everybody can pull off? Take out your favorite pair of jeans, some sneakers and make a messy bun. There is no better way to stand out and that costs so little effort.




(Shoes: Zara / Frings: Homemade by a friend) 


Where to get it?


It is very easy to find yourself a nice band tee. Stores like Zara, Urban Outfitters or Pull and Bear always go with the latest trends. Without them this trend would not be available for everybody. There are sites you can order an original vintage band tee but those are not always that cheap. The pitfall is that you have to be carefull on some sites such as ebay. Some people claim that they are selling an original but then turn out to be fake. Always double check!


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