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Birthday Shopping


Today is not just the 5th of November. It is also the day I can celebrate my nineteen years of existence on this planet. WOOHOO another year that I have survived in this crazy world! I must say I always feel kind of excited on my birthday even though it is just a day like any other. 


There is no other way to make me feel more happy and careless than to go shopping. But today I like using the term 'Birthday Shopping'. I bought the same amount of things as the years I live. If that is not a challenge? Imagine I become a hundred years old. Then I must by a hundred pieces at once? Not that I would mind...


In about four hours of shopping and two hours of doubting I found my nineteen pieces. Let me show you some of the things that I have bought (or got). 


These clothes are from Zara, the shoes are from Avance and the bag from Michael Kors. To show you this outfit I went for a nice walk in the woods. After all I am an autumn baby. The outfit is very nonchalant and messy yet classy with some nice heels. Totally me! 




Of course I had to buy some more sweaters to survive winter. I bought two sweaters. A cashmere one from Zara and a cropped sweater from America Today. Other things that you could find at the bottom of my shopping bag were tops tops and tops, three necklaces from Zara and pajamas from America Today.

Nuxe, the love of my life. I shall need my Nuxe products to take care of my dry skin when it is cold outside. Nuxe products are made from natural ingredients. They are paraben-free and non-comedogenic so can cause no harm. As you can see it is wrapped in a birthday package with 'tons' of samples (dying of happiness right now). 

If you like the idea of 'Birthday Shopping', I like to challenge you to do the same thing. Go shopping on your birthday and buy the same amount of things as the number of years you live. If that also made your day, you can always drop me a line. How old are you and what did you buy?


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