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Sweater weather part two


A couple of days ago I wrote an article about the winter collection 2016. What to wear? This is the sequence of 'Sweater weather'. In part one it was all about classy black and white outfits. Part two on the other hand is a more comfy winter look.

I call it 'the Leather look'. To my opinion leather never goes out of fashion. It was already used by the Neanderthals to keep them warm. You can wear leather jackets throughout the entire year but leather trousers can be sticky and hot. Therefore they are mostely used in the white winter season. I chose to wear baggy leather trousers because they are more comfortable. Combined with a nonchalant sweater and some sneakers you have a chill black and white outfit to keep you warm.





Clothes available at the Freak Out Store Ghent 

Photographer: Vue.Photo

Interior: Roomin.be

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