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The ‘Long bob’ or ‘Lob’ is the haircut of the moment. It is a just another term to state a longer version of the famous Bob. Want to be a shorty? Try out this fancy 1920s cut like I did.

I have had long hair for a very long time. People always complimented me on my long golden locks. I loved to wear it loose or in messy hairdo. But there is always a downside to it. Long hair weighs heavily. Therefor I lost a lot of volume on my...


If there is one thing I could wish to change in 2018, it is my skin type. Unfortunately, this is hereditary and I have to learn to deal with it. I suffer from what is called, a combination skin. That means I have two different skins on one tiny face. My T-zone, which contains my nose, forehead and chin, is very oily. While my cheeks and the other areas around it, suffer from dryness. Beside of that, my skin is also very sensit...


Who does not love a nice and cosy Sunday morning in the fall, when it is cold and rainy outside and the leaves are falling of the trees? I am born in fall so I guess that feeling is a part of me. It is just great waking up at 10 o'clock, starting the day with a warm cappuccino knowing you'll be wearing pajamas all day. I don't know, there is just something about pajamas that gets me all happy. 

Pajamas are a real trend lat...


I noticed that it has been a while since I talked about beauty products. Perfect timing because I have recently been to Lille, France. I am not going to lie but I probably spend two hours in the Sephora store. I think it is a pity that there is no Sephora store in Belgium, therefor I don't mind crossing the border for it. Now like every girl I love products and makeup, certainly when these products look all pretty. One of my t...


You have a long day ahead of you. Going to work or school, having a lunch break, drinks afterwards and maybe a night out? Well would it not be fantastic to wear a lipstick that stays throughout the day? Some people have asked me tips to make their lipstick last longer. Therefor I will write them down so you can all treasure these tips and tricks forever. 

Before I put on my lipstick, lip scrub is my best friend. I use...


We can all argue about which product is best to keep your hands moisturized and your lips hydrated. But one thing is sure, stores will smash products to your head claiming to be the best ones you have ever had. Stop listening and start sampling.

 (picture: picjumbo)

One of my golden tips is sampling. Wherever you go, you have to ask a sample first to try out whether your skin can bear the products. If a store doesn't agree there...

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